Don't Deny My Voice

July 14 - August 3, 2013

Don’t Deny My Voice: Reading and Teaching African American Poetry was a three-week summer institute for college and university teachers, as well as graduate students, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities that responded to the resurgence of interest in contemporary poetry, its expanded production and wide circulation. We focused on the history, changes and modal transformations of African American poetry in our cultural and social landscape and consider three critical periods: 1900-1960, 1960-80 and 1980-present.


Graham Batt Bethel Bolden Bradley Gabbin Giovanni Grooms Harrington Harris
Hayes Hunter Jones Kuhnheim McInnis Miller Moore Morris Nielsen Persley
Rambsy Redmond Reed Shockley Rosenblum Tidwell Tretehewey Whittaker Whittaker Williams

In addition to the institute held at the University of Kansas, during the fall of 2013 the program also hosted a series of online, public discussions with a prominent group of intergenerational and award-winning poets, including Nikki Giovanni, Terrance Hayes, Liegh McInnis, Brenda Marie Osbey, Ishmael Reed and Natasha Trethewey.


The Project on the History of Black Writing (HBW) at KU continues the work of Don't Deny My Voice to preserve and promote black writing. Visit site...

Institute Videos

Watch video overviews of the institute’s lectures and poetry readings, as well as an in-depth interview with poet Eugene Redmond. Watch now...

Virtual Seminars

Listen to and download audio files of past online discussions with award-winning poets that were conducted as part of the institute. Read more...